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Ian Harvey talks about this presentation

This presentation deals with the dynamics of Teamwork, Communication and Leadership. Companies rely on diverse personalities to create an holistic offering.

The people must be different types to achieve the goals of a company. Without diverse types no company would survive.

But how do you make sure that you capitalise on the positives of diversity without being constrained by the negatives?

And how do individuals identify their communication and leadership skill?

This session utilises an interactive simulation to quantify the team dynamics and suggest behavioural modification.

The entire group are immersed in a simulated life or death situation and forced to make individual choices that will effect the likelihood of survival. Then they make the same decisions as part of a team.

The result is that they find out very quickly how the team is effected (usually for the better) by using the team dynamic.

The ideal audience for this presentation is any group whose productivity could be better if they could just pull in the same direction or whose individuals need leadership and/or communications skills.

Main points

  • See your own contribution to the team and it's impact
  • Recognise areas where improvement can be made easily
  • Understand why others behave the way they do
  • Feel the effects of good and bad leadership and communication skills

Duration 1/2 day workshop


  • Develop strategies for better cohesion
  • Improve productivity through 'team think' strategies
  • Better Leadership skills
  • Better communication skills
  • Better understanding of other team members
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