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Ian Harvey HoaxDo you have staff that need a good shakeup?
Want to really put the wind up your people?
Want to give it to them right between the eyes but not actually hurt them?

Consider a hoax presentation.

Whether you want;

  • Someone from the Tax office to explain taxation in 20 minutes
  • An expert to introduce new draconian efficiencies
  • A new CEO with a hatchet man attitude
  • or an Austrian Psychologist explain how to get along with other people better

It's all here in one package.

Your audience is completely taken in by the Hoax Speaker at first. It's only when the he begins to make statements that seem a little off the mark or perhaps a little confronting that the audience begins to question what is going on.

Imagine an expert from the Tax Office explaining to Bank Employees the intricacies of tax reform and then producing hand puppets to make the point in Playhouse fashion.

Or a CEO from a foreign company announces a takeover bid to help a struggling local business and ending up in fisticuffs with the local Boss. Or the new Efficiency Expert who introduces a new state-of-the-art computer system that all staff will love and eventually gets round to allocating which religion staff must follow in an attempt to comply with the demographics of the customer base.

Your Hoax Speaker will have your people worried and then massively relieved. And this will add a highlight to your event.

Ian Harvey delivers bad news to unsuspecting participants in a Hoax Speech
Have a look at the reaction of the staff in this video which was a hoax performance for the Singapore Office staff from a UK based international Legal Firm. The presentation was made in Thailand and was a great lead-in to the brainstorming session that followed.

The Managing Partner of the company provided the following testimonial for the weekend.

"This is just a short note to thank you for helping us to enjoy our best retreat ever!

Not only did you facilitate on areas which I, as Managing Partner in Singapore, needed to develop with our team of lawyers and support staff, but your unique style and skill set made individuals sit up and take notice about how to achieve many of their personal goals and objectives: a real win/win!

Since our retreat I have noticed several visible improvements in our approach to business building, in our team morale and in the delivery of our "product" to clients.

Once again, I am very appreciative of the efforts you made to personalise our training experience and business planning sessions.

With kind regards "
James Harris
Local Managing Partner,
Lovells Lee & Lee Singapore

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