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Ian explains his presentation - Why Waste a Good Crisis?The Chinese symbol for “Crisis” consists of two characters; one meaning “danger” and the other “opportunity”

‘Why Waste a Good Crisis?’ has been developed to help people take full advantage of the opportunities that exist within the danger of the recession.

This keynote (or half day interactive workshop) helps participants to choose the right approach and then implement the 5 Keys to becoming recession proof: These are:

Attitude – Get your mind right. There are four ways we can approach the current crisis. These are:

  1. The Ostrich – “If I can’t see it, it can’t hurt me” Danger – You will get run over
  2. The Emperor – Overly optimistic – “Recession, what recession” Danger – it is real and it will hurt if you don’t respond
  3. Chicken Little – Overly pessimistic – “We are all going to die!” Danger – Create your own self fulfilling prophesy
  4. Wile E Coyote – Creative and persistent – “Ok, so there is a recession – I am ready for it” Danger – much effort required but a good chance that you will do well

Strategy – Get your plans right. Look at creative ways to cut costs, increase sales, build market share etc

Action – Get your actions right – Don’t be afraid of taking massive action. That’s the only place results come from.

Review – Get your figures right – Evaluate the success or otherwise at elemental levels and revise the plan. Determine if your plan meets expectation.

Adapt – Make minor changes. - Adapt where necessary and re test.

While the content of this keynote may be considered heavy and somber it is delivered in a lighthearted way that, while not glossing over the seriousness of the situation, paints a picture of hope, optimism and an appreciation that each individual holds the key to their own success.

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