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Ian Harvey talks about this presentationMany salespeople focus on the final result of their sales efforts (the yes or the no) rather than considering that a sales is a series of opportunities each of which has its own competencies. The process of making a sale is preceded by:
  • Prospecting
  • Building rapport
  • Promotion
  • Qualifying
  • Presenting
  • Up selling
  • On selling
  • Overcoming objections
  • Negotiating
  • Closing

The actual sale should be the natural conclusion of having performed the previous components well.

This presentation is entirely customised to your needs. First we talk about which element is in greatest need of a strategy.

Then we develop a presentation using a scripting base and the magic metaphor around your skill shortages specifically designed to provide the knowledge and the incentive to learn the new skill.

This may be presented in either a 45 minute keynote or 1/2 day workshop depending on the level you want to go to.

The main points covered are:

  • Establish the danger of repeating inefficient methods
  • Discuss the value of considering tweaking the approach to each area of sales
  • Breakdown the sales process into smaller component parts
  • Establish the value of scripting in a specific sales discipline i.e. Prospecting, closing etc.
  • Build a new script designed to achieve a predetermined outcome
  • Provide incentive to learn it.

Sales Magic TipsYour people will understand a simple method for gaining proficiency in the specific subject matter.
They will also receive a simple strategy for implementation of the new skill.

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