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Sales Magic Tips

Sales Magic Tips

We have prepared a number of Sales Magic Tips that you can download from this page.

Each tip is succinctly condensed to a single A4 page and can be downloaded totally free from the links below.


Ever wanted to retain more of your profit when negotiating?

Often we become so keen for the sale that we give away too much of our margin in the negotiation stage of the sale. To avoid this, use the principles contained in the acronym KEEPSUM.



Do you get stumped when people bring up objections? Want to permanently remove customer objections?

The professional salesperson uses a formula to overcome objections. One of the best formulas is summed up in the acronym REMOVE. This is a sequence that really works, but you have to practice it well.



In negotiation how can you get the prospect to come up without your having to go down? The following simple word track if learnt and practiced is VERY effective in doing just that.



How best to find out what your customer really wants. In rapport building with our customers we need to spend a lot of time really defining their needs. Now that all competitive products are very similar, people will buy on the little differences. Your ability to focus on those little things that the customer wants is critical to your success as a salesperson. Download


We are told as salespeople that we have two main problems - We talk too much and we don’t listen

It’s understandable that we might be seen like this since salespeople are naturally gregarious, but the fact is that the impression we give might harm our sales possibilities. How can you resist the temptation to talk too much and at the same time show your prospect that you are pleasantly different?


Today, more than ever, your ability to listen will directly impact on your success. Being able to specifically identify your customers needs will allow you to show them how your product can fit those needs Download


Our Sales Magic Tips have given you ideas on what you can do and say to increase your effectiveness as a salesperson. But unless these tips become automatic responses in the way you sell, your sales career will not really change much.



There are only 3 reasons that people object and we call this the HUB.

Once you learn to distinguish the difference and modify your approach your sales success will soar.



One of the best things you can get from a happy client after a sale is a referral, and it should be a natural part of a salespersons approach. However some salespeople fail to get referrals because they don't ask the right way. This method is guaranteed to get you a referral every time. Learn it and use it. You will be rewarded.


"Ian Harvey helped us to enjoy our best retreat ever!

Not only did Ian Harvey facilitate on areas which I, as Managing Partner in Singapore, needed to develop with our team of lawyers and support staff, but his unique style and skill set made individuals sit up and take notice about how to achieve many of their personal goals and objectives: a real win/win!

Since our retreat I have noticed several visible improvements in our approach to business building, in our team morale and in the delivery of our "product" to clients.

Once again, I am very appreciative of the efforts Ian Harvey made to personalise our training experience and business planning sessions."

James Harris
Local Managing Partner,
Lovells Lee & Lee Singapore