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Ian Harvey's Promotional Video

Ian Harvey Promotional Video.

This video shows Ian's style of presentation, how he relates to his audience and their response.

His presentation style is humourous but challenging and thought provoking.

Ian Harvey's Speaking and training philosophy

Ian Harvey's training and speaking philosophy.

Ian has a pragmatic and back to basics approach to behaviour change and skills development. He firmly believes that everyone can reprogram themselves for better results.

All you need is to know what to do and want to do it. That is, have the right attitude and have the right strategy. Thats Strattitude.

Ian explains his presentation - Do You Know Who You Are Talking To?

'Do You Know Who You Are Talking To'...

... is a keynote presentation that explains the reason why people are different and how to best deal with others for success.

As a training workshop this is expanded to offer participants a view into their own personality style and an appreciation of the behaviuoral modification required to get the best out of any interaction with others.

Comes complete with the Sales Qube, an identification and strategy tool which you can also see here.

Ian explains his presentation - Little Things Make a BIG Difference

Little Things Make a BIG Difference.

This is Ian's most requested presentation as it lays the foundation for a fresh look at choices and behaviours. Success (and failure) is the result of habitual response more than anything else.

This presentation explores just how easy it is to devlop the habits of success and to produce a result that appears to be impossible.

Dr Fritz - The relationship Shrink

Dr Fritz - The Relationship Shrink

Dr Fritz provides a psychological explanation of cognative dissonce and an example using a random member of the audiance.

This 'random' person is in fact a well known member of the audience and a bit of a roast unfolds to the delight of the subject and the rest of the audience.

Everyone has a good old belly laugh... even the target enjoys himself.

Ian explains his presentation - Why Waste a Good Crisis?

‘Why Waste a Good Crisis?’

This keynote has been developed to help people take full advantage of the opportunities that exist within the danger of the recession.

This keynote (or half day interactive workshop) helps participants to choose the right approach and then implement the 5 Keys to becoming recession proof

Ian explains his presentation - Are you Pulling Together or Pulling Apart?

Pulling Together or Pulling Apart?

This presentation deals with the dynamics of Teamwork, Communication and Leadership. Companies rely on diverse personalities to create an holistic offering.

The people must be different types to achieve the goals of a company. But how do you make sure that you capitalise on the positives of diversity without being constrained by the negatives?

This session utilises an interactive simulation to quantify the team dynamics and suggest behavioural modification.

Ian Harvey delivers bad news to unsuspecting participants in a Hoax Speech

Corporate Hoax Speaker

Your audience is completely taken in by the Hoax Speaker at first. It's only when the he begins to make statements that seem a little off the mark or perhaps a little confronting that the audience begins to question what is going on.

Imagine the new COO Expert who introduces a new state-of-the-art computer system that staff will love and then gets round to allocating new religions for the staff.

The hoax presentation is confronting at first but provides massive relief when the reveal happens and can lead well into a brainstorming session afterwards.

Ian explains his presentation 'How to Overcome Objections Every Time

How to Overcome Objections Every Time

All objections can be overcome by clarification and negotiation.

This does not mean dropping your price. In fact, reducing your price is the lazy way and just validates your prospects concern about your product or service. Learn a powerful formula that will overcome all objections.

Ian explains his presentaion  'Do You Suffer From Loose Change?'

Do You Suffer from Loose Change?

Change is inevitable, rapid and forced on us by the need to remain competitive. But, being creatures of habit, we resist change.

Change need not be chaotic as long as the process is managed effectively. Otherwise you will "suffer from loose change".