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Do You Know Who You Are Talking To?
Ian Harvey talks about this presentationChange is inevitable, rapid and forced on us by the need to remain competitive.

But, being creatures of habit, we resist change.

Change need not be chaotic as long as the process is managed effectively.

Otherwise you will "suffer from loose change".

Ideally suited for groups who are involved in changes to their normal way of doing things.

Main points

  • The downside and the flipside of change
  • Understanding the change matrix
  • The 7 Keys to leading change

Durantion 45 minute keynote or 1/2 day workshop


  • Your people will understand the necessity for change
  • Be able to determine where they are in terms of acceptance
  • Appreciate why the change leaders are doing what they are doing
  • Identify new leaders

A most enjoyable and practical presentation.

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