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Do You Know Who You Are Talking To?
  • EMCEELooking for something to keep your conference huming instead of snoozing?
  • Looking for something to make sure that everything runs smoothly?
  • Have a ton of dense and important info you gotta get to your folks, but you’re worried that it is too much, too dry, and too boring?
  • Need to make sure your people come back on time after the break?

You need a professional Master of Ceremonies. You need Ian Harvey.

There are a ton of good reasons why a Pofessional Emcee is excellent investment, but here are just a few:

  • It is a shame to invest thousands of dollars in a convention or event and not protect your investment with a pro behind the microphone.
  • Allow your Top Managers and Executives to do what THEY do best: manage and execu-tize. Bring in Ian to introduce your Speakers and events. He’ll do it smoothly. He’ll do it professionally. And — best of all in the minds of your audience — he’ll do it with humour.
  • Your top people will thank you for hiring a professional to make them look good. They’ll thank you for hiring a professional MC to make sure the audience is awake for their part of the meeting or convention. And they’ll thank you for protecting the convention or meeting against the hundreds of things that can — and will — go wrong.

Ian believes that “People Learn Best When They Are Laughing". If your meeting is important; if your information is important to your people; and if you want your attendees to have an EXCELLENT feeling about your event…. You need a pro emcee. You need a different master of ceremonies. Just book Ian.

Most of Ian’s clients are looking for more bang for the buck. If this sounds like you, consider booking Ian for a breakout, Keynote or even for after-dinner-entertainment. Then keep Ian on to do the full day (or days?) being a master of ceremonies. Your people will thank you; and your accounting-types will thank you for using Ian so efficiently.

With a background in small business leadership Ian has built and managed companies in the automotive, Importer, distribution, computer and real estate industries. He has designed and developed a number of special application software packages, written 6 books on sales and personal development and remains at the cutting edge of business technology and development to this day.

For many years he was the Facilitator at the Security Industry Association Annual Conference (ASIAL), organised and managed several state Motor shows for Mitsubishi and other Manufacturers and Emceed with Dr Patch Adams and other notable speakers on a national tour.

Ian has been engaged to run conferences and retreats in Thailand, Vietnam, New Zealand and across Australia. And has addressed audiences as varied as The Australian Hotels Association, AADA, Calyon Bank, Lovells, Bovis Lend Lease, Holden, CMA, Computerland, First National, Toyota, Comalco, MBE, Watch24 to name just a few

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